Friday, May 19, 2017

Year 2016 - Highlights

Supporting, organizing Burmese community events and activities to raise awareness on Burma, Burmese language and culture in USA.
The amount $4,148.00 from public donation was used for this program.

Creativity & Reporting Burma Project - supporting and organizing Burmese writers & reporters' works and reports on Burma & Burmese Literature.
The amount $ 20,000.00 from public donation is used for this program

Burmese Helping Burmese - Supporting Drinking Water Project with material and aid assistance to Drought Area in Burma.
The amount 28,000.00 from public donation was used for this program.

All total amount together - $ 52,148.00 was already distributed in year 2016.

Sunday, January 1, 2017

MoeMaKa Events hosted in Rangoon, Burma (2016)

(1) Myanmar Writers and IT Age, 
Speakers - May Nyane, Ma Thidar (San Chaung), Nay Phone Latt
Moderator - Nyein Chan Aye (MoeMaKa)
2016, July, 4, Phan Dee Yar Hall, Yangon.

(2) Myanmar Youth and Education Prospects

Moderator - Aung Thu Nyeen
Speakers  - Ko Ye’ Win (YoYam Hnine), 
Linn Phyo Maung, M.B.,B.S ((Institute of Medicine I Yangon, Myanmar), MA Political Science (Ramkhamhaeng University, Thailand)),
Phone Thit, (M.B.,B.S (Institute of Medicine Mandalay, Myanmar)),
Aye Lei Tun, (Master of Development Practice (Advanced), University of Queensland, Australia. Master of Human Rights, Gender and Conflict Studies (Social Justice Perspective), International Institute of Social Studies (ISS), the Hague) ,
Barblut Eugene Sein , (Bachelor of Arts (Honors) in Liberals Studies Education (Minor) in Communication for Policies and Governance, The Education University of Hong Kong (EdUHK)),
Shin Thant, (Bachelor of Social Sciences (Honours) in Applied Sociology, City University of Hong Kong),
Hpone Myint Thu (University of Hong Kong (HKU), Bachelor of Economics & Finance, Class of 2017)
2016 July 23, Pen Myanmar Hall, Rangoon.

(3) Myanmar IT and Journalism 
Co-host with - Phan Dee Yar Group
Speakers - Thar Nyunt Oo (VOA Editor) ၊  Esther Htusan (2016 Pulitzer Winner), Thet Aung  (Open Data Manage, Phan Dee Yar)
2016 August 27, {han Dee Yar Hall, Rangoon.

Saturday, December 31, 2016

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

The MoeMaKa Team (Updated)

The MoeMaKa Team (Updated)
by Maung YIT •  March 1, 2016

The Advisors - 
Tin Moe (2003-2006), Kye Mon U Thaung (2007-2006)
Maung Swan Yi (2003 – ), Mar Mar Aye (2006 – ), U Win Pe (2006 – )
U Win Tin (2013), Maung Moe Thu (2013 - )
Aung Way (2013), Zarganar (2013), Thargyi Maung Zeya (2013), Ko Yar Zar (2013), Tun Win Nyein (2013)

Policy Consultant -
Aung Din (2013)

The Officers -Maung Yit (2003 – ), Zarny Win (2005 – ), Ko Oo (2005 -)

The Editors -
Maung Yit (2003 – ), Zarny Win (2005 – ), Aung Htet (2012)
Myint Kyaw (2013 -), Eaint Khine Oo (2013 - ),
Nyein Chan Aye (2015 -),
Min Khine (2016), Khin Lunn (2016)

Reporters - 
Yan Naung (Botahtung), Han Thit Naing, Ko Phyoe (2013), Htay Aung (2016)

Design - Moe Z

Mandalay Contact - Kyaw Moe Lwin

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Colorful People of Burma - Photo Museum opens in Rangoon (7th May 2015)

Colorful People of Burma / Myanmar Memorial Place

In memory of the 100th Anniversay of the birth U Khin Maung Latt and Daw Khin Myo Chit (1915-2015), Collection of portraits of their contemparies in Burmese literature and histroy

315 (3rd Fl.) Hledan Center, Kamayut, Yangon, Myanmar

Open by appointment every Sunday, 10 AM to 8 PM.

Contact: MoeMaKa Media, @ Phone - 0925-4200-606 (Atten: Ko Yan Naung (Botahtaung))

Monday, December 17, 2012

Charity and Award Raised by MoeMaKa with Burmese Community (2012)

Charity and Award Raised by MoeMaKa with Burmese Community (2012)

1. Burmese Helping Burmese Fund – This is to support and help Burmese artists and activists inside Burma who are socially and politically at the disadvantage due to the suppression and repression of the Burmese junta. For the year 2010, we have raised and donated total of US $31176.88.

2. Support Network for political prisoners run by NLD – This is to morally and financially support Burmese political prisoners and families in need. The support network is setup and operated by NLD's social support group. Friends of MoeMaKa is raising fund to support 50 political prisoners with the monthly contribution of about US$ 600.00.

3. Friends of MoeMaKa Annual Award – This is to recognize and appreciate democracy and human rights activists and individuals for their outstanding contribution and sacrifice for the country. We have raised US $1000.00 towards 600 political prisoners listed in the NLD support network for the year 2011 Award. We have raised and awarded US $500.00 each to the following individuals for the year 2010. U Win Pe, Maung Swan Yi, Mar Mar Aye and Maung Thara were awarded for their literary and art works while they are in exile.

Online Articles, e-Book and Publication for Year 2011 - 2012

Online Articles, e-Book and Publication for Year 2011/2012

1. Total estimated numbers of articles published online on website – average 5 articles per day, 35 articles per week, 140 articles per month, 1680 articles per year

2. Total estimated numbers of daily email newsletters delivered through email subscribers – 1 newsletter per day, 7 newsletter per week, 30 newsletter per month, 360 newsletters per year

3. Suu 66 – e-Book – June 2011 - Collection of Articles honoring 66th Birthday of Aung Sann Suu Kyi after her release from house arrest

4. Portraits of Suu from Burmese Student Activist by Maung Maung One – e-Book – June 2011 - Collection of articles written by former political prisoner and 88 generation student activist, his reflection and perspective on Suu back in the day of democracy struggle in 1990s.

5. MoeMaKa Interview with U Win Tin – e-Book – August 2010 – Collection of interviews with U Win Tin on his experience and opinion on Struggle of NLD in Burma, boycott movement on Regime's 2010 Election and current Burma issues.

6. Portraits of Burmese artists and intellects in Burmese democracy uprising by Aung Way – e-Book – May 2010 – Collection of radio articles presented on Radio Free Asia Burmese Program presented by exile-poet, Aung Way.

7. Literature Paper on Burmese Poems by Tin Moe – e-Book – February 2010 – Paper written by (Tin Moe), Burmese poet in exile which he submitted to Literary Conference at NIU in 2002 in Burmese language.


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