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MoeMaKa Multimedia Yearly Report on 2023

MoeMaKa Multimedia Yearly Report on 2023

Background information on Myanmar's current situation 

During 2021,2022, after the Myanmar military took over power with a bloody coup from a legally elected government led by Daw Aung San Suu Kyi and her party, National League for Democracy, the country is spinning into more bloody crackdown and armed conflicts. Since then Myanmar writers, artists, and reporters who are against the military’s coup have fled from home, going into hiding, and even left for border areas, especially in the Thai & Indian borders.  MoeMaKa Multimedia continues and also steps up its operation and support to Myanmar community concerns. 

Programs Performed Past and Presents 


1.     Humanitarian Support -  Provide financial & material assistance to democracy activists, human rights defenders, human rights lawyers, and civil society organizers in Myanmar (Burma) and neighboring countries such as Thailand, and India for their efforts in strengthening democratic civil society in Burma, also known as Myanmar.

2.     Community Awareness - Aware Myanmar (Burma) Culture & Community in the USA - Support, Promote & Organize Myanmar Burmese Community Events and Activities to raise awareness on Myanmar (Burma), Myanmar Burmese language & culture in Northern California and across the USA.

3.     Media Programming - Creativity, Reporting & Publishing Myanmar (Burma) - Support & organize Myanmar Burmese writers & reporters' works and report on Myanmar Burma & Myanmar Burmese Literature. To publish & present online multimedia website, social media and also on Short-Wave Radio Broadcast over Myanmar airwaves.

Media Program Objectives


1.     To support & organize Myanmar Burmese writers & reporters' works and report on Myanmar Burma & Myanmar Burmese Literature who are in exile or still inside the country or internally displaced for standing up for freedom of expression and freedom of the press.

2.     To publish & present online multimedia website, social media, and on Short-Wave Radio Broadcasts and Satellite Video Transmission over Myanmar airwaves.


Program Activities


1.     Engage and network with individuals or groups of reporters, writers, and activists to empower their productivity and creativity on the issue of Myanmar on freedom of expression and press.

2.     Produce and compile their works into presentable multimedia materials with the contribution of new generation talents from Myanmar inside or abroad.

3.     Publish and present the works on multiple social, media, and broadcast platforms accessible to audiences interested in Myanmar’s civil society and democratic struggle.

4.     Through these efforts, establish and manage safe spaces, safe passages, safe places, and arrange workshops and discussions to follow up their works’ outcome, training, and consultation to improve and progress of independent writers and media individuals and groups.


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