Friday, December 17, 2010

Year 2010 Highlights

Year 2010 Highlights 

1.      Media Coverage on Boycott 2010 Regime's Election:   We have continuously reported and covered boycott movements of the Burmese community and democratic opposition led by NLD on Burmese Regime’s 2010 Election. The whole international democratic community later regarded election as a sham election. MoeMaKa has done series of interviews with NLD leader U Win Tin of his opinion and his part with NLD struggle to lead the boycott movements.

2.      Media Coverage and Raising Charity Awareness on Natural Disaster Events inside Burma:   We have followed and presented news of fundraising events and relief works by the Burmese community to help Burmese victims suffering from natural disasters in Burma in 2010, which the Burmese regime ignored and neglected. Due to the lack of news coverage, Burmese community relied on news updates from MoeMaKa.

3.      Media Coverage on expelling Regime's Artists visiting USA; We also have reported and followed public protests and campaigns of Burmese Americans against the entertainment tours led by Burmese actress, Wyine Sue Khaing Thein who supports Burmese regime’s propagandas portraying Burmese democracy movements as terrorist and anarchy’s plots. Later the US Government revoked all the visas of Burmese tour group resulting in immediate return to Burma. It was encouraging news for Burmese democracy community.

4.      Media Coverage on Community Sponsored Social Service Award for Volunteers inside Burma;  We have continuously followed and informed the readers on the movements of  “Citizen of Burma Award”. Collective Burmese American communities from 15 cities organized this award movement. It was to honor the Burmese volunteer community leader inside Burma for his/her contribution and sacrifice. MoeMaKa has provided insightful news and update of the open voting process on their web site, which attracted Burmese from all over the world to vote for their most loved community volunteer or volunteer association. It was one of the major interests of Burmese community and it had highlighted awareness on charity spirit among Burmese community.


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