Sunday, December 27, 2009

Looking Back 2009 - MoeMaKa

Looking Back 2009 - MoeMaKa
In the year 2009 -

1. We have presented over one thousand of news and articles of the stories of Burmese people and events on our website

2. We published 2 books in Burmese language

a. Collection of Articles Honoring late “Taryar Min Wai” who was one well loved and respected contemporary poet and political activist of 88 generation students in Burma

b. How to prose Burmese Poems for Beginner by late Tin Moe – a rare book by a late contemporary great poet

3. We have a close-up photo coverage on trial of Aung San Suu Kyi by Burmese Regime at Insein Prison in Rangoon, May – August 2009 reported by the Rangoon Local Team and the Thailand Communication Team

4. We have not only published online news but also circulated our daily publication in email newsletter to ten of thousands of subscribers inside Burma where ISP operated by Burmese regime banned media sites run by exile media groups.

We raised 81375.00 US$ from general public donation and 15000.00 US$ from grant received from OSI-Burma Project. We used most of the grant to provide financial and material support to Burmese writers, artists and contributors of inside and out of Burma. The remaining financial resources were used to support the basic operation of MoeMaKa, publication of books and sponsoring / supporting community activity and event for empowering democratic civil society inside Burma.


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