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MoeMaKa in 2008 - Report

MoeMaKa in 2008 - Report
In 2008, with Public Funding – US$ 69,200 and Grant received – 15,000.00, MoeMaKa has extended its services and works in the following area, 1. MoeMaKa Online in English (, 2. MoeMaKa Audio & Video Archives ( , 3. MoeMaKa Burmese website conversion into Unicode 5.1 compliance, (, 4. Community Building and Interaction Works inside and outside Burma (detailed explained later).
1. Current Situation
MoeMaKa has established and maintained as one and only community based station providing Burmese literature and audio/video archives run by Burmese volunteers and professionals among other Burmese Internet portals where total of 25 individuals are not paid for their works.
In year 2008, MoeMaKa has reached 3,000 subscriptions (last year with 2000 members) of its online free newsletter service.
It is now reaching a bandwidth of 80 GB a month from 8000 over unique Internet service provider (ISP) servers. Now it is hosting on 3 separate ISP web servers to balance the load of demands from the audience as some of the readers have to come out from inside Burma through firewall and proxy. We also have created MoeMaKa Mirror Websites on Google's free blogger service and Word Press free blog site to tunnel the audience as backup.
It is not only running with the individual volunteers but also with groups and organization from different location across the globe as to prove the positive effort of the strong networking function of MoeMaKa's teamwork.
2. Current Basic Operation
1.      Bi-Weekly Internet Radio Programs
2.      Daily Online Publication and Updates
3.      Web-Casting of weekly Video News and Archives
4.      Weekly Online Publication of news and articles in English
5.      Archiving and Cataloging of digital and multimedia materials (books, CD, periodicals) for Online Library
6.      Presenting, Shipping and Posting of materials distributed from Online Catalog Ordering System
7.      General Office and Communication (Internet, phone, periodicals, books, CDs, DVDs, hardware and software upgrades, postal charge and such general expenses.)
8.      Monthly Newsletter Publication (PDF free download, subscription based print version or email online newsletter)
9.      Burmese Helping Burmese, Fund Raising and Charity Drive to help Burmese artists and activists inside Burma who are socially and politically at the disadvantage by the suppression and repression of the Burmese junta and also to raise the awareness, moral support towards the democratic civil society of Burma
10.  Empowering community inside and outside Burma encouraging Burmese people to participate in democratic civil society activities such as Burmese literary talk, Burmese Community Discussion and Burmese Cultural Performances
3.                  Achievements in the year 2008  
1.      MoeMaKa in English – Setup website in English format to present translated news and articles from Burmese language. (Part of US$ 7,900.00 – Internet Service Expenses)
2.      MoeMaKa Audio & Video Archives – Setup website to house and present archives of audio and videos related to activity and event of Burmese intellects and artists from inside and outside Burma. (Part of US$ 7,900.00 – Internet Service Expenses)
3.      MoeMaKa in Burmese language compliance with Unicode 5.1 – Setup and initialize the conversion process of data in Burmese articles from existing database into Unicode 5.1 compliance data format which will soon be universally available on future online community of open source and open OS. (Part of US$ 7,900.00 – Internet Service Expenses)
4.      MoeMaKa in Word Press Community, - a mirror web blog site for Burmese audience inside Burma as an alternative under the restricted and heavy censorship of the Burmese regime. (Part of US$ 7,900.00 – Internet Service Expenses)
5.      Participating with Burmese in San Francisco Bay Area to co-sponsor "9th Annual Burmese Literary Talk" with 5 Burmese Writers living in USA ( (Part of US$ 1,500.00 – MoeMaKa 5 Year Anniversary Meeting)
6.      Hosting 5th Anniversary of MoeMaKa, meeting with MoeMaKa Team and Burmese writers, contributors from inside and outside Burma. (Part of US$ 1,500.00 – MoeMaKa 5 Year Anniversary Meeting)
7.      Participating with Burmese in San Francisco Bay Area to arrange "Let's Sing Along with Mar Mar Aye", a Burmese cultural music show presenting Burmese classical music and songs to raise the awareness of Burmese culture and tradition in the international community.( ) (Part of US$ 7,900.00 – General Expenses)
8.      Raised US$ 20,000.00 from Burmese community outside of Burma to help and support Burmese victims from Cyclone Nargis which left hundred of thousands people homeless.
9.      Raised US$ 20,000.00 from Burmese community outside of Burma for MoeMaKa's initiated "Burmese Helping Burmese" to help and support Burmese activists, political prisoners, families and monks to comfort morally and financially to their everyday struggle of food, shelter and general assistance.
10.  Publication of Book, "Collection of Articles by U Thaung and his Friends", honors U Thaung aka Aung Bala, a great journalist and writer in exile who passed away in April 2008. ( US$ 3,000.00)
11.  Publication of Book, "Collection of Articles by U Win Tin and his Friends", honors U Win Tin who recently released from prison after serving 19 years of jail term by Burmese regime for his political belief and activity. (US$ 5,000.00)
12.  Distribution of Audio CD, "Collection of Songs by Mar Mar Aye in the year of 2007, 2008", where all songs encourage and honor the Burmese activists, political prisoners and Burmese monks under the oppression of the Burmese junta especially of 2007 Burma Saffron Revolution and 2008 Burma Nargis Disaster. (US$ 1,000.00)
13.  Extension and Establishment of MoeMaKa communication team and center in Thailand and Burma to communicate and speed up the process of gathering information, news and online web-casting activity. It also helps secure the channel to support and assist the contributors of MoeMaKa publication and operation. (US$ 2,000.00)
14.  Raised and spent US$ 11800.00 from the grant received to pay the contributor fees, advisory fees, and honorariums fees to writers, artists and professionals from inside and outside Burma for their works, advice and contribution.
15.  Initiated and maintain weekly and monthly group discussion and gathering among team members with the surrounding community to build friendly atmospheres to talk, discuss and arrange program for the better democratic civil society of Burmese people. (Part of US$ 7,900.00 – General Expenses)
16.  In 2008, October, MoeMaKa has been finally recognized from the IRS as 501 © 3, charitable non profit organization compliance with federal rules and regulation of the United States.
4.                  Other Operation of MoeMaKa
  Online Catalog Ordering System – http://shop.moemakacom . Present and help distribute 300 over books, audio and video products (grown from 100 last year). Almost 50% of the catalogs offer free download or free distribution.
Online Library – / ) List and archive most of all the books, digital materials and references purchased with MoeMaKa's fund and it is now reaching over 1000 records. You can download the PDF file from our website to look into the list of our books archive and also the books that are for sale too.
 IT/IS Team – Setup and maintain daily operation of web hosting and content updating.
We are still hosting the following websites for the Burmese community; (Assistance Association for Political Prisoners – Burma),, http://ezine.mywebdiges.tnet ,  (Myanmar Burmese Web Directory and Magazine Digest),
International Burmese Monks Organization,,
Palaung Women Organization at Thai Burma border, ,
Yaung Chi Oo, Burmese Migrant Workers Association to protect their rights and community, , , presenting works and reflection of banned and censored Burmese artists and media professionals inside Burma, , presenting works, event and activities of Burmese classic singer and artist, Mar Mar Aye and her foundation, Mar Mar Aye Foundation, , Building and maintaining website for Burmese Charity Drive run by Burmese monks to support Burmese orphans left by the Cyclone Nargis
 Production & Publication Team has coordinated works with other media group to share resources and assist on each other operation when requested such as – BIT Team (India) (Burmese Information Technology Team aka Myanmar ISP Team) on Burmese font and Burmese content archival support (since 2006), - Radio Lovers Group (Australia) on sharing radio and audio program for weekly radio presentation (since 2006).
 MoeMaKa (Info Comm) Team in Rangoon - After the 09 / 07 (September crackdown in Burma), Moemaka has managed to regroup not only outside Burma but also inside Burma to reorganize our priority and operation to enhance and advance the mission and vision of MoeMaKa organization. It successfully established the team member and group inside Burma especially in Rangoon to support and to report the news and features of Burma and at the same time to carry on the social support network of "Burmese Helping Burma" charity drive.
5.      MoeMaKa in the News
1.      After 2007 Burma Saffron Revolution, MoeMaKa is being recognized among Burmese media outside Burma as one of the volunteer news group with citizen journalists and active web bloggers where it produces photos and coverage representing the voice and reflection of Burmese people struggling for freedom and democracy in Burma. Some of the news and articles are collectively selected by Burmese reporters in Burmese radio programs such as RFA (USA) and DVB (Norway) to air back into Burma for broader Burmese radio audience.
2.      In August 2008, at the 20th anniversary of Burmese People Uprising of 8888, bay area local newspaper, Contra Costa Times, has published an interview article of MoeMaKa news group as an offspring of Burmese democratic struggle under the repressive regime.
3.      In December 10th 2008, on UN Human Rights Day event at White House with the US President, a representative from MoeMaKa team was invited as new technology media user or web blogger to represent the Burmese democratic bloggers for the Burmese struggle for human rights and freedom of press and expression together with other fellows bloggers from such repressive counties as Iran, Egypt, Cuba, China, Belarus and Venezuela.
6.      All the credits go to volunteer works and the charity of the contributors
1.      Without the help, support, advice and contribution of the MoeMaKa volunteer team of 25 people, MoeMaKa Contributing Writers and Artists of 50 people and more from inside and outside Burma, of the collective donors and their charitable donations from more than one hundred of Burmese and non-Burmese around the World and also of the continuous generous grant from the OSI-Burma project initiative, MoeMaKa would not be as successful and recognized as it is now today.
2.      Therefore for all the continuous building of MoeMaKa news group and for the establishment as a building stone for the Burmese democratic civil society, all the credit, acknowledgment and gratitude go to all the volunteers and charity of all contributors.
3.      The detailed income and expenses are attached for reference and reporting purpose.
7.      How the sponsorship of the granters be credited
1.      All the Granter's representing links are now displayed at the front page of our MoeMaKa website as "Friends of MoeMaKa".
2.      At least 10 copies of publication and production materials will be sent to all Granters' organization address and if possible, more copies could be able to obtain upon request.
3.      All the materials produced from MoeMaKa with the fund from granters shall be “copy right free” to all the Granters i.e. they are free to present or represent in their works or reports or publications.
8.  Conclusion and Resolution
            In the year of 2009, MoeMaKa has promised with more hard works and commitment towards building democratic civil society by presenting wide variety of news and articles covering Burmese who are constantly struggling for freedom of press and democracy in Burma and by involving with Burmese community in the activity and event to raise the awareness of Burmese democracy struggle among the Burmese people.
            We will be looking forward to team up with more volunteer team players and raise more fund and charity to provide assistance and support Burmese writers, artists, contributors and to do extension and addition of MoeMaKa’s operation facility inside Burma and Thailand.

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List of Publication & Production of MoeMaKa (2004 - 2008)

We have produced and distributed following publication, audio and video CD/DVD programs.

“Zarganar – Four Fruits and The Colorful Burmese Anyeint – DVD”, the DVD on the Burmese traditional and cultural show which was banned together with Zarganar, a well-known Burmese artist and comedian who openly criticized the ruling military junta.

“Remembering Poet Tin Moe – One Month Anniversary – Book”, for the one month anniversary of the passing of the poet in exile of Burma and Burmese, the presentation of articles and notes by his readers and his fellow writers and artist in memory of him collected at the funeral

“Remembering Poet Tin Moe – 6 Month Anniversary – Book”, the presentation of articles by U Thaung, U Win Pe, Maung Swan Yi, Mar Mar Aye and Moe Cho Thin on the reflection on their friend and family member, U Tin Moe. The book was published at the 6 month memorial literary talk event of Poet Tin Moe at the San Francisco in July 2007.

“Burma Saffron Revolution Remembered – DVD”, the presentation of music, audio, songs on the protests and the crackdowns of Burmese monks and the people at September 2007 in Burma compiled from the feeds and works contributed by the Burmese reporters and artists inside Burma.

“MoeMaKa 2006 Journals Annual Publication in PDF – CD”,
the complete compilation of 12 issues of 2006 monthly publication of MoeMaKa in PDF format, complete reference in single CD.

“Burma Saffron Revolution Remembered – PDF – CD” –
Compilation of photos by citizen journalists inside Burma on the news story and the time-line on the uprising and crackdown of 2007 August September Burma Saffron Revolution in CD or also available online.

List of Publication & Media Produced from MoeMaKa (2004 - 2008)

Dedia Type
Tin Moe for All Seasons Around the Burmese Years
Audio MP3 CD
MoeMaKa Radio Program Collection 2004
Real Audio DVD
Zarganar – Four Fruits and The Colorful Burmese Anyeint – DVD
Video DVD
MoeMaKa 2006 Journals Annual Publication in PDF – CD
Zargnar, 1990 Burmese Water  Festival Performance
Video DVD
Remembering Saffron Revolution – Music/ Photo DVD
Viideo DVD
Burma Killing Field 2007 Septmeber Photo Album,

 (Burma Saffron Revolution Remembered – PDF – CD)

In Memory of U Tin Moe, great poet of Burma, One month anniversary
In Memory of U Tin Moe, great poet of Burma, Six month anniversary
In Memory of Kyemon U Thaing, a great journalist in exile
Thee Lay Thee & Colorful Anyeint 2
Video DVD
Mar Mar Aye Program on Aung San Suu Kyi 63
Video DVD

Saturday, November 8, 2008

MoeMaKa 5 Year Anniversary & Literary Retreat (2008)

The Event is successful ...
The following is the Invite Letter for the record.

MoeMaKa Radio & Multimedia
( Burmese -,
English - ,
Video Archives - )
PO Box 320-207, San Francisco, CA 94132
Date: 9th September, 2008
To Whom It May Concern:
Invitation to "MoeMaKa Retreat" with Burmese Writers, Artists and Intellects from inside Burma and in exile, sharing experience and reflection towards building of democratic civil society in Burma
We will be taking part with the Burmese community in the bay area to host "Annual Burmese Literary Talk" event at the San Francisco bay area on 8th November, 2008. The whole event will be taking place with the fund raised from the Burmese at the bay area. We will be inviting (1) Writer in exile, Aung Way (2) Poet & Critic in exile, Maung Swan Yi (3) Burmese monk and writer in exile, Nyan Oo Maung a.k.a. Ashin Nanika, (4) U Win Pe, an artist and writer in exile and (5) Daw Mar Mar Aye, Burmese singer and artist in exile, all five of them together as speakers of the event.
While with the great opportunity of the gathering of artists and intellects at the bay on that date and time, we would also like to host a special meeting called "MoeMaKa Retreat" on 9th Nov 2008, with the above mentioned writers who are also serving as advisory team in MoeMaKa and also with the addition of other writers and artists living in the US who are contributing their works voluntarily in MoeMaKa Online publication.
It would be a great "Writers, Artist and Intellects Meeting / Discussion with MoeMaKa news group" where all the distinguished and well-respected Burmese intellects from inside & outside of our country could meet together face to face in one place and one time to share their experience for contributing their works towards the democratic civil society of Burma at present and also for the coming future.
It will be a special occasional private meeting and it will benefit the future cooperation, understanding and mutual interest of all Burmese and also for MoeMaKa team as a Burmese media group to continue to work, share and present the perspective, reflection and articles from both parties (inside and outside Burma).
Since 2003 April, we have established, communicated and worked together with all the Burmese media professionals inside and out of Burma to become an online publication. Without the volunteer help and support of the Burmese artists in exile and also from Burmese writers inside Burma, we, MoeMaKa could not be as thriving as we are now today as one of the well-regarded independent Burmese news group.
Together with the MoeMaKa team as follows;
(1) Maung Yit, writer, editor, cartoonist in exile, co-founder of MoeMaKa
(2) Htain Linn, writer, editor in exile, officer of MoeMaKa
(3) Zarny Win, writer, editor in exile, officer of MoeMaKa
(4) Ko Oo, graphic designer in exile, team member of MoeMaKa,
We would like to meet with the following Burmese intellects –
1. U Win Pe, artist & writer in exile, living in Washington DC
2. Daw Mar Mar Aye, artist & singer in exile, living in Fort Wayne, IN
3. Aung Way, poet in exile, living in Michigan
4. Maung Swan Yi, poet & critic in exile, living in NYC
5. Ashin Nanika a.k.a Nyan Oo Maung, monk & writer in exile, living in Fremont
In the past back in 2006, we had hosted "MoeMaKa Reunion" with team members and contributing writers at the 3 year anniversary of MoeMaKa founding. We had the following senior intellects present at the "Reunion"; U Tin Moe (1933 -2007), poet in exile, Maung Swan Yi and some writers from Burma. Now this time we have this rare great opportunity to host this "MoeMaKa Retreat" after so many years.
We would like to have your precious participation at the event and further more, if you and your distinguished organization could be able to support our event with financial or material contribution or aid, it would be great encouragement to us and for the attending writers as we will be hosting the event with volunteer and interested public charity. We are expecting individual volunteer donation and also the partial funding from interested non profit institutions. We will be very much willing to share the photos, recorded speech and documentary of the event for all the supporting individuals and institutions.
I am very much obliged for your kind support and understanding on the struggle for democracy by the Burmese people of Burma.
Maung Yit (Maung Maung Win)
Co-Founder, editor
MoeMaKa Radio & Multimedia

Friday, October 3, 2008

The background story of Burma & MoeMaKa

The background story of Burma & MoeMaKa
by Maung Yit • October 9, 2008

– The situation, the feeling and the experience of Burmese people inside Burma and outside should be addressed and presented in the Burmese community grass root level to raise the awareness among them and also for non-Burmese who are interested in Burmese issues where eventually with the help and affection of the international community and the Burmese people itself, it shall benefit in the direction of building democratic civil society in Burma.

– To realize the goals, purpose or the objectives, we formed the group of volunteer Burmese media and technical professionals living in exile formed this “MoeMaKa” to present the news, articles and literature toward the Burmese community living outside and inside of Burma through the least expensive medium – Internet.

– We collect news, information and article from Burmese people, present them with online publication on the website in Burmese language then with their voice and reflection, we present them in radio program blended with our Burmese traditional music, songs and dramas.

– To establish our strong commitment to our Burmese community, we have our “Media Archives & Research” function to gather and catalog the materials; we semi-annually compile our presentation into books and multimedia publications as collectables which serve as an opening the opportunity to receive the donation from the general public interested in Burmese issues.

– Further more, to establish more visible knot and understanding among Burmese community and other non-Burmese, we help and organize Burmese literary talks and Burmese language speaking/reading event in the community center annually with the Burmese family as open to all public events.

– As our Burmese community is still a very young migrant community and it needs a lot of support and assistance to make a strong community not only in the US or even inside Burma, we gather information, technology and ideas from all our Burmese community and share them back with the Burmese people in need especially the great example would be back in May 2008, where Nargis Cyclone hit Burma, we have helped with the community in the bay area to raise fund and charity for Burmese cyclone victims.


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