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The Day To Day Activities of MoeMaKa

The Day To Day Activities of MoeMaKa
by Maung YIT • October 8, 2004 •

– Daily News and Articles Publication Online on our main website –

– Weekly Radio Program Presentation (webcasting) on our main website –

– Data, Information, Media collection, archiving, cataloging and research on Burma & Burmese Community related issues, news & literature

– Publication of Books, Online Media & Multimedia on Burma, Burmese literature and Burmese Community living abroad including in the bay area.

– Supporting and Organizing Burmese Literary Talks, Burmese Language Speaking and Reading Eventsfor the Burmese community at the bay area.

– Providing and Assisting educational, technical and art / language related materials, training and consultancy to Burmese and non-Burmese interested in Burmese issues at the bay area and beyond.

How we have started MoeMaKa - 2004 Mid-Year Report

How we have started MoeMaKa - 2004 Mid-Year Report
Narrative and Financial Interim Report (March 2004)


MoeMaKa Radio, the internet radio station for Burmese community has officially been launched on 13th April 2004 on the beginning of Burmese Water Festival and the Eve of Burmese New Year.

We have initially launched our Internet Radio Station with the following purposes;
  1. To present entertainment and informative news on Burmese community inside and outside Burma
  2. To represent the voice and opinion of Burmese people
  3. To promote the identity of the nation, culture and language among the multicultural society.
As we have reported previously of our phases, we have passed first phase for the year of 2003 and now we are in 2nd phase in process for the year 2004.

We have received the grant, financial assistance of US 10,000.00 from OSI, Burma Project for our ongoing phases for the year 2004.

What we have in our 2nd Phase of MoeMaKa Radio

We have the following plan for the second phase of building MoeMaKa Radio;
  1. To produce and present 2 times a week radio program
  2. To present the interviews and articles of Burmese writers, scholars and professionals concerning on Burmese community issues
  3. To produce and present video documentary on the situation of health and education of children who were forced to leave their home with their parents due to the human rights abuse done by the Burmese military junta in Thai Burma border area.
  4. To provide IT related training and resources to Burmese activists' groups stationed at Thai-Burma borders to support of their operation technically
What we have done according to the 2nd Phase Planning
  • We have successfully produced and presented 2 times a week radio program starting on the anniversary of Burma Union Day, 12th February 2004.
  • We have contacted with the following Burmese writers, activists, journalist to provide us with their advice and their articles on Burmese community issues. They have initially agreed with us as our regular contributors to our MoeMaKa Radio Programs.
  • U Tin Moe, the poet and the writer
  • U Swan Yi, the poet and the writer
  • Ko Aung Din, the poet, former political prisoners of Burma, activist for the struggle for democracy and freedom of expression in Burma.
  • Ko Min Zin, the writer, the editor to Irrawaddy News Magazine based in Thailand
  • Khai Mar Kyaw Zaw, a Karan Nationality, a writer, actively worked for the humanitarian assistance to the internally displaced people of Burma at the Thai Burma border
  • Right now, plan is under way to do the video documentary.
  • We have offered to host the web site of Assistance Association for Political Prisoners – Burma ( , the organization based in Thailand, campaigning on the situation and condition of Burmese political prisoners and providing assistance to the family of political prisoners.

Additional Task done during the phase 2 and evaluation
  1. Recruiting volunteer and providing in-house training for Radio Production
  2. Seeking help from lawyers to register MoeMaKa Radio as 501(c), non profit organization
  3. Planning to move from low end web server to high end web server to present radio archives and for the future video presentation
  4. Planning to present the online Burmese newsletter of previous MoeMaKa programs to the online readers according to the MoeMaKa's members' request and survey.
  5. According to the statistic, we have now 700 subscribed members where 200 more members are added to last year 500 members list.

How is our operational budget running during the phase two?
Most of all the resources and man-power are on the volunteer basis. With the minimum of resources and maximum of man-power contribution, we are still trying at our best to produce optimum efficiency.


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