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MoeMaKa 5 Year Anniversary & Literary Retreat (2008)

The Event is successful ...
The following is the Invite Letter for the record.

MoeMaKa Radio & Multimedia
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PO Box 320-207, San Francisco, CA 94132
Date: 9th September, 2008
To Whom It May Concern:
Invitation to "MoeMaKa Retreat" with Burmese Writers, Artists and Intellects from inside Burma and in exile, sharing experience and reflection towards building of democratic civil society in Burma
We will be taking part with the Burmese community in the bay area to host "Annual Burmese Literary Talk" event at the San Francisco bay area on 8th November, 2008. The whole event will be taking place with the fund raised from the Burmese at the bay area. We will be inviting (1) Writer in exile, Aung Way (2) Poet & Critic in exile, Maung Swan Yi (3) Burmese monk and writer in exile, Nyan Oo Maung a.k.a. Ashin Nanika, (4) U Win Pe, an artist and writer in exile and (5) Daw Mar Mar Aye, Burmese singer and artist in exile, all five of them together as speakers of the event.
While with the great opportunity of the gathering of artists and intellects at the bay on that date and time, we would also like to host a special meeting called "MoeMaKa Retreat" on 9th Nov 2008, with the above mentioned writers who are also serving as advisory team in MoeMaKa and also with the addition of other writers and artists living in the US who are contributing their works voluntarily in MoeMaKa Online publication.
It would be a great "Writers, Artist and Intellects Meeting / Discussion with MoeMaKa news group" where all the distinguished and well-respected Burmese intellects from inside & outside of our country could meet together face to face in one place and one time to share their experience for contributing their works towards the democratic civil society of Burma at present and also for the coming future.
It will be a special occasional private meeting and it will benefit the future cooperation, understanding and mutual interest of all Burmese and also for MoeMaKa team as a Burmese media group to continue to work, share and present the perspective, reflection and articles from both parties (inside and outside Burma).
Since 2003 April, we have established, communicated and worked together with all the Burmese media professionals inside and out of Burma to become an online publication. Without the volunteer help and support of the Burmese artists in exile and also from Burmese writers inside Burma, we, MoeMaKa could not be as thriving as we are now today as one of the well-regarded independent Burmese news group.
Together with the MoeMaKa team as follows;
(1) Maung Yit, writer, editor, cartoonist in exile, co-founder of MoeMaKa
(2) Htain Linn, writer, editor in exile, officer of MoeMaKa
(3) Zarny Win, writer, editor in exile, officer of MoeMaKa
(4) Ko Oo, graphic designer in exile, team member of MoeMaKa,
We would like to meet with the following Burmese intellects –
1. U Win Pe, artist & writer in exile, living in Washington DC
2. Daw Mar Mar Aye, artist & singer in exile, living in Fort Wayne, IN
3. Aung Way, poet in exile, living in Michigan
4. Maung Swan Yi, poet & critic in exile, living in NYC
5. Ashin Nanika a.k.a Nyan Oo Maung, monk & writer in exile, living in Fremont
In the past back in 2006, we had hosted "MoeMaKa Reunion" with team members and contributing writers at the 3 year anniversary of MoeMaKa founding. We had the following senior intellects present at the "Reunion"; U Tin Moe (1933 -2007), poet in exile, Maung Swan Yi and some writers from Burma. Now this time we have this rare great opportunity to host this "MoeMaKa Retreat" after so many years.
We would like to have your precious participation at the event and further more, if you and your distinguished organization could be able to support our event with financial or material contribution or aid, it would be great encouragement to us and for the attending writers as we will be hosting the event with volunteer and interested public charity. We are expecting individual volunteer donation and also the partial funding from interested non profit institutions. We will be very much willing to share the photos, recorded speech and documentary of the event for all the supporting individuals and institutions.
I am very much obliged for your kind support and understanding on the struggle for democracy by the Burmese people of Burma.
Maung Yit (Maung Maung Win)
Co-Founder, editor
MoeMaKa Radio & Multimedia


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