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Year 2011 Highlights

Year 2011 Highlights

1. Weekly Interview Program with U Win Tin: Since his release from prison, MoeMaKa kept in touch with the major opposition figure to report his view and perspective on Burma's issues. It has covered critical political campaigns of the Burmese democratic activists, such as the boycott on the 2010 Regime's election and on the continuing struggles of Burmese oppositions under the new government elected from Regime's sham 2010 election.

2. Media coverage on Aung San Suu Kyi: Since her release from her house arrest in November 2010, we have covered and reported news of her activity, speeches, and events. We were also given a valuable interview with her to explain our existence and progress. She has shown her agreement and support of the mission of MoeMaKa Burmese news group for the struggle for democracy and freedom of expression in Burma.

3. Media coverage and Raising Awareness on current community led campaign for Burma:
Under the solidarity leadership of opposition leaders, Aung San Suu Kyi, U Tin Oo, and U Win Tin, the Burmese democratic community become mobilized again and started to raise funds and charities to support the Burmese political prisoners and their families. They also called for the release of all political prisoners inside Burma by signing the petition together with the leaders. The Burmese democratic community became actively involved in reforming the state with true federation, not like the state ran by the centralized regime backed by the dictatorial military leaders. MoeMaKa is continuing covering the situation and also help raising awareness of the issues towards the Burmese community.

Monday, July 4, 2011

MoeMaKa initiated SFBC Book Drives for Burmese Children

MoeMaKa initiated SFBC Book Drives for Burmese Children
(4th July 2011)
SFBC Bookdrive was created by the Burmese community in San Francisco Bay Area to donate books to Burmese libraries and communities in need of them. The reason being that in Burma, children books and literature are needed in bulk and on a cheap scale, to encourage children's growth in knowledge and creativity, as well as learning English. In other countries, children books and literature are available to all. We need the same to in Burma. That is why we are lending our hands to do so.

  -to support and volunteer in educational and charity related works in needed community and neighbourhoods starting with our own Burmese community

 -to collect books (mainly children books) for libraries and communities ran by social support or educational organizations in Burma.


Work consists of
 -collecting books
 -collecting donations
 -categorizing books
 -cataloging, stamping, and marking books
 -packaging and delivering books
 -finding and organizing receiving ends (e.g. monastic schools, publicly supported schools and libraries)
 -informing and recruiting people
 -expanding SFBC Bookdrive

 -book package delivery (monthly) - US $150.00 
 -general expense (monthly) - US $50.00

Monthly Donations
 -$5 - $10 contributions collected from sponsors (see Members above)

Operation Components
 -photos and pamphlets
 -SFBC Bookdrive email (as a contact point)
 -email group (for all those in SFBC Bookdrive

(more information and details will be added in future posts)

Sunday, February 6, 2011

"MoeMaKa Media 2011 Award" Goes to 600 Burmese Political Prisoners

"MoeMaKa Media 2011 Award" Goes to 600 Burmese Political Prisoners
by Maung YIT • February 6, 2011 •

We would like to declare that ‘Friend of Moemaka Media Award’ for this year will be presented to 600 political prisoners who are being supported by the NLD’s social assistance body. We have decided to honor and raise, from our reserve funds, an initial aid of US $600 at the rate of one dollar for each of those prisoners currently listed and helped by the NLD.

If MoeMaKa’s friends and donors being pleased with such action wish to contribute as much as they can, we will add their donations to our initial fund and the total collection will go to political prisoners of NLD via its current assistance body.

The donations received within 7 days, starting from the date of this announcement made, will be given to the 600 political prisoners inside Burma through NLD’s social assistance committee. For example, if the appeal fund reaches US$ 1200 by adding donations from all of you, Moemaka will be able to support US$ 2 for each activist. We want to say that we are determined to assume responsibility for raising funds. We would also like to inform all of you that we will, to the best of our ability, keep supporting political prisoners in coming months as Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, U Win Tin, and U Tin Oo have requested.

In Burma, there are many brave families, innocent students, and heroes who sacrifice their lives and future for the foundation and process of Burmese pro-democracy revolution. These martyrs sacrificed for what they believe in. By standing by those people, we express our support for both them and Democratic cause. We believe that it is a step towards the goal of pro-democracy movements. MoeMaKa is currently making a monthly donation of over US $700 /800. This program is a separate undertaking of Moemaka. We deeply believe that we will be able to carry out this duty with the support of the public and friends of Moemaka.

For the coming months, we are thinking of providing a list of political prisoners and their respective serial numbers to those who want to select and effectively help one prisoner of their own choice by drawing lots like the activity held in NLD’s headquarter, Yangon.

MoeMaKa would like to urge the Burmese from aboard to donate, within their limit, monthly to the different serial numbers of political prisoners so that these donations will, as a common aid, cover the assistance costs for 600 political prisoners. If you do donate only 5 dollar for one person or a number and undertake to help as possible numbers as you can, Moemaka team expect that Moemaka’s friends and us will be able to continue our monthly scheme to support 600 political prisoners of NLD.

Daw Aung San Suu Kyi has urged all of us to join hands in carrying out Burmese democracy movements, and to set up networks as far as we can reach. She also added that it is time to help and support ‘Prisoners of Conscience’ closely by taking responsibility by drawing lots. We, at present, think that we can help 600 political prisoners and their families of NLD’s network by raising funds and collecting contributions from aboard to a certain extent that we can think of.

With this letter we, the Moemaka team, would like to inspire members of social assistance groups of the Bay area, the NLD (L.A), friends in the USA, and organizations carrying out Burmese affairs to team up together with us.

The list of donors and the exact amount of funds received will be declared clearly.

Moemaka team also hope to be able to organize fund raising events for assistance of 600 political prisoners, a plan initiated by Daw Aung San Suu Kyi and the National League for Democracy.

We welcome you all!




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