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Members Profiles (2005) of MoeMaKa Radio

Members Profiles (2005) of MoeMaKa Radio

Board of Directors

1.      Aung Din
2.      Min Zin
3.      Maung Maung Win (Maung Yit)


1.      Maung Maung Win (Maung Yit)
2.      Htain Linn
3.      Zarny Win
4.      Khun Myo Nge
5.      Chann Myay Ain

Working Committee

1.      Advisory
2.      Contributors
3.      Editors
4.      Production & Publication
5.      Information Technology & System
6.      Operation


1.      Maung Swan Yi
2.      Tin Moe
3.      Mar Mar Aye
4.      Win Pe


1.      Khaing Mar Kyaw Zaw
2.      Mya Kyay Mon
3.      Kyaw Kyaw Naing


1.      Maung Maung Win (Maung Yit)
2.      Htain Linn
3.      Zarny Win

Information Technology & System (IT/IS)
1.      Maung Maung Win (Maung Yit)

Publication, Production

1.      Htain Linn
2.      Maung Yit
3.      Khun Myo Nge


1.      Maung Maung Win (Maung Yit)
2.      Chann Myay Ain

Location of MoeMaKa Media

PO Box 320207, San Francisco, CA 94132-0207
Phone: 1-415-595-1485

Service Available

1.      Weekly Radio Program Production
2.      Daily News and Articles Online Publication – (e-journal)
3.      Online Catalog Ordering System
4.      Web Hosting and Technical Support
5.      Multimedia Cataloging, Archiving and Digitizing (Books, CDs and DVDs)
6.      Burma Related Media Catalog Online Library
7.      Production, Publication of books, CD/DVD, audio and video products

3.      Brief Bio-Data of Officers and Volunteers


  1. Aung Din
Aung Din served over four years behind bars as a political prisoner in Burma after organizing and helping to lead the country's nationwide pro-democracy uprising in 1988 as Vice Chairperson of the All Burma Federation of Student Unions (ABFSU), a largest national student organization and outlawed by the regime. He is also country representative of the Thai-Burma border based "Assistance Association for Political Prisoners-Burma" (AAPP). He has been quoted in countless media articles, testified before the U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee and Congressional Human Rights Caucus, and traveled on speaking tours across the United States.

  1. Min Zin
Min Zin has been involved in Burmese pro-democracy movement since he was 14 as a high school student activist in early 1988. He founded nation-wide high school student union in Burma and worked with pro-democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi closely. He went into hiding in 1989 as he had had to avoid the arrest by military, and his underground activist-cum-writer life lasted for nine years until he fled to Thai-Burma border in September 1997. He was a deputy editor of the Irrawaddy Magazine ( He has been a visiting scholar at U.C. Berkeley's School of Journalism in 2001-2002. He is currently working as a broadcaster for Radio Free Asia (Burmese Service).

  1. Maung Maung Win (Maung Yit)
In 1998, He was a 20-year-old electrical engineering student at Rangoon Institute of Technology, a politically active school comparable to UC Berkeley or SF State when police raided the campus breaking into dorm rooms and jailing outspoken students. He wrote articles for Burmese newsletters that were critical of the repressive government between the years 1988 – 1996. He left his country in 1997 to Singapore where he help founded informative web sites for Burmese to promote freedom of expression. Fours year later he flew to the United States to attend graduate school in Iowa at Fairfield and then co found MoeMaKa Radio in April 2003. He is now also working at J Paul Leonard Library, San Francisco State University as System Specialist.


  1. Htain Linn
1988-2001, he was actively involved in struggle for democracy in Burma by participating himself in Student Union, Democratic Party for a New Society [DPNS] and National League for Democracy. As a writer and an editor by profession, he had worked in several local magazines and journals with various pen names including "Htain Linn". He was detained twice by military junta as an active member of NLD while NLD was staging the CRPP action to head against National Convention by military junta back in 1997 and 1998. In 2001, he fled to Thailand, worked as Editor for Burmese Edition in Irrawaddy Publishing Group, Burmese media group in exile. He had written numerous articles on Burmese struggle for democracy and freedom of expression in various Burmese publications outside Burma including Radio Free Asia – Burmese Services and New Era Journal (Khit Pyaing). He is still an active member of AAPP-Burma (Assistance association for political prisoners in Burma).

  1. Zarny Win
Since 1988, he was an active NLD-Youth member participating in the struggle for democracy in Burma. He had been detained twice for his democratic political activity. After he fled to Thai-Burma border in 2000, he became a staff writer of Irrawaddy Publishing Group. He also published his own Burmese news journal – Shwe Yanant (Golden Scent) for the Burmese readers at the border area. He is also serving as an active executive member of AAPP-Burma (Assistance association for political prisoners in Burma).

  1. Khu Myo Nge (Cartoon Dynamite) ( Cartoonist in Exile )
After the military junta brutal crackdown on democracy demonstration in 1988, he fled to Thai-Burma border. He constantly worked with Burmese media groups in exile as an illustrator and cartoonist in their publication. He was well-known for his politically critical comic strips in Irrawaddy News, Khit Pyaing and Other Ethnics Newsletters.

  1. Chann Myay Ain
An anonymous Burmese social and community volunteer who frequently travel into Burma to contribute his labor and service with non profit and non governmental humanitarian and medical organization for socially and economically disabled Burmese people in the rural area. 

  1. Tin Moe ( Poet in Exile)
A Well-known writer whose literary work has achieved great recognition and appreciation before the advent of the military dictatorship in Burma. Living in involuntary exile, he is unofficially regarded as being his country's 'national poet'. Although his work is banned in Burma, he continues to write poetry and other work in Belgium and the United States. His texts are a constant source of inspiration for his people. Tin Moe's poems are circulated in pro-democratic circles in Burma and are regularly published in the foreign media. He was awarded with Prince Claus Award in 2004 honoring him for his outstanding literary achievements and for his role in sustaining culture as a source of strength, inspiration and identity.

  1. Maung Swan Yi ( Critic & Poet in Exile)
A well-known scholar and writer, his poems, short stories, book reviews, and articles on Mayanma (Burmese) literature and art have appeared in various journals, magazines, and newspapers since 1958, often under the pen name Maung Swan Yi. He has lectured on literature, at schools, town halls, churches, and monasteries, since 1962 and has also devoted himself to the preserving of Burmese culture, conducting extensive field research on Burmese folklore and folk music.

  1. Mar Mar Aye ( Musician Artiste in Exile)
She sang almost 6000 songs, including movie soundtracks and independent records and cassettes, as well as radio broadcasts. She worked for Burma Broadcasting Service from 1961 to 1977 as an assistant producer. She is currently performing in the United States and compiling an archive of materials related to the history of Burmese music. Her current popular program is now presenting at BBC Burmese Section of her life and Burmese music history from her perspective.

  1. Win Pe ( Artist, Film Director & Writer in Exile )
A well-known artist, film director, short-story writer, painter and musician. In the early 1960s, Win Pe worked as an illustrator for People 's Daily in Mandalay, and served as the principal of the State School of Fine Arts, Music and Dancing until the early 70s. In a continuation of his creativity, Win Pe became a film director, short story and screenplay writer. In 1994, he left Burma for the United States. In 1997 - 2005, he has worked with Radio Free Asia under the name – Zaw Wate.


1.      Khaing Mar Kyaw Zaw
Khaing Mar Kyaw Zaw (Burma), poet, journalist, and teacher, is an ethnic Karen, one of Burma´s largest minority populations. In 1992, Khaing Mar joined with the Karen opposition movement. First she taught school and joined the KNU general secretary´s office. Now she works for the Karen Women´s Organization and is the Burmese language editor for the Karen Information Center based in Thailand, writing news and feature articles. She was awarded with Hellman-Hammett Grants in 2003 for her literary and human rights activity.

2.      Mya Kyay Mon
Student Activist and former political prisoner turned into writer after she fled to Thai-Burma border. She was in Insein prison with her mother, writer San San Nweh (Tharawaddy). She  had to live in solitary confinement for 6 years. Her writings on her life in prison and her fellow political prisoners were frequently seen in DVB, Irrawaddy, New Era Journal (Khit Pyaing) and other Burmese periodicals published outside Burma. She now lives in Norway.

3.      Kyaw Kyaw Naing
He is a Saing musician for the past 25 years, and is well experienced in Burmese and international Music and musical instruments. Moreover, he is one of the few Burmese musicians whose music has been recorded for projects released outside of Myanmar, and has performed in Russia, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand, England and the United States. He performed his music on program “ The Bang on a Can Marathon Music” at Brooklyn Academy of Music on October 28, 2001, and at Lincoln Center on February 9, 2002.

Best Regards

Maung Maung Win
Director, Coordinator
MoeMaKa Radio / Multimedia
PO Box 320207,
San Francisco,
CA 94132-0207, US.


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