Sunday, July 30, 2006

Public Support and MoeMaKa

Public Support And MoeMaKa
by Maung YIT • July 30th, 2006

1. The officers and volunteer teams are not compensated for their contribution and services

2. The articles, products and material produced by MoeMaKa are not considered copy right protected as it is charity work for the community especially for Burmese families

3. All the donation and charity received are contributed back to the artists from the Burmese community for allowing us to use their work freely, the operation cost of the MoeMaKa and towards volunteer works of the Burmese community and families to assimilate with their host/ residing community.

4. We have strong belief in volunteer community service with arts and literature to help build democratic and peaceful society in the neighborhood.

Running the Operation on Charity & Donation
Every year, from our online radio program and internet presentation of articles, we compile into book publication or into media production of DVD or CD. This is to raise the awareness of our media presence and to receive donations from our interested general public.

We send these materials to the regular donors and potential donors as a token of thanks and to oblige for the donation. We also send out such products to our volunteer artists and contributors as token of thanks and encouragement. We send our materials out by postal mail service according to our email list and also upon request.

Publication of books or media is in need of resourceful tasks which involve intensive team work, artistic and professional capacity and also a lot of financial support. In returns, the appreciation and the awareness from the audience is very impressive where you can both raise the awareness of our presence and our fund to carry on our operation.

We have never fixed the sale price of our publication. We have calculated the basic price of our product based on the publication cost (printing, hardware / software cost), shipping and handling cost (postage cost and etc.). Then we just informed the audience and our donors of our new publication and we requested for donation based on basic cost. By this way, we can raise the donation to carry on our operation.

As our organization is media related and according to professional media organization, there are a lot of copy right and ownership issues. For us, our products are the compilation of our service, our writers / artist’s works and the donation of the public, we consider that the publication itself belong to the general public as long as it goes to the non-commercial interest. If commercial interest is raised for the publication, the author, artists or the writers are considered sole owner of their materials so that MoeMaKa will not be involved in that process.

The development and the control of the website and data are managed by the team members of MoeMaKa. There’s no third party involved.

Only the volunteer team members of MoeMaKa produce the publication, videos and multimedia products. As long as the copies of the publication and multimedia products are distributed to the public freely from MoeMaKa and there’s no commercial interest is raised, we have no objection towards the distribution of our publications.

We are also suggesting placing the announcement or advertisement of Burmese community gatherings or events on our internet website. We are also suggesting open donation from the interested person to place such announcement or advertisement. Even without receiving donation, we have been placing the announcements and advertisements of Burmese community gathering and events on our website to raise the awareness of our Burmese community presence among us and also with the non-Burmese community.

We do not have any commercial related advertisement on our website. We are and we will still be relying on the public donation and charity to carry on our operation.

We need your help and support

Please contact for further information and resources from us …

Burmese News & Media Group
Contact Address : PO Box 320-207, San Francisco, CA 94132-0207
Dated – July 30th 2006


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