Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Burmese Community and MoeMaKa in 2007

Burmese Community and MoeMaKa in 2007

by Maung YIT • October 11, 2007 •

MoeMaKa’s regular programs and articles on contemporary issues of Burma written by some artists and writers who are still inside Burma with hidden pen names ( It is considered most significant because MoeMaKa became trusted and credible by the Burmese audience and also by the artists and writers who are under the heavy censorship of military junta)

MoeMaKa’s Special Program – Letters from the Readers – which is sorely contributed by the Burmese audience inside Burma and overseas, expressing of their opinions and thoughts.

2007 June – MoeMaKa on the Blog (http://moemaka.blogspot.com ) – to overcome and by pass the internet censorship and filtering by the Burmese junta, MoeMaKa has setup its blog site with the same content from MoeMaKa as a backup and the easy assess for the audience inside Burma. It played significant part in posting and publishing news and photos of 2007 August and September protests and crackdown in most convenient and fastest way possible to reach the outside world.

2007 July – Remembering Poet Tin Moe – 6 Month Anniversary Literary Talk
– with his fellow writers and artists, U Thaung, U Win Pe, Maung Swan Yi and Mar Mar Aye at the bay area in California with 400 Burmese audience to raise awareness on Burmese literature and Burmese issue on freedom of press and expression in Burma.

2007 August – Presenting MoeMaKa’s Video Archives on YouTube.com – starting with the uploading of video archive of the event of 19th year anniversary of Burma 8-8-88 People Uprising celebrated by 1988 student-activist group in Rangoon, Burma and followed by photo, video archive and presentation of news and event on Burma, it is considered milestone for us because through YouTube, more and more audience are drawn to MoeMaKa and we are in more visible position to raise the awareness on the struggle of freedom of press and human rights in Burma.

2007 August, September – Saffron Revolution related photos and news updates – with the volunteer team members of MoeMaKa inside Burma, we have significantly contributed and distributed day to day, hour to hour updates of the incidents and protests of Burmese activists, public, monks and the crackdown of the Burmese junta through the blog of MoeMaKa and they were instantly picked up and broadcasted on international main stream media such as like on CNN.

The best obvious photo example is – photos shot at the early morning raid by the Burmese army at Burmese monastery called Ngwe Kyar Yan in Rangoon, Burma.

We let every news agency to use them for free and the impact and the concern from the international readers on Burma was found to be very much important as it caused the tremendous pressure and reaction by the UN, US and EU to Burmese junta to stop the crackdown and stand down the human rights abuse on Burmese people.

2007 October – Technical Support to Sasanamoli, International Buddhist Monks Organization(http://www.sasanamoli.org) – which was formed after the crackdown on the monks by the Burmese junta inside Burma in the Saffron revolution to help and protect the monks and the freedom of religion in Burma. MoeMaKa also assist the Sasanamoli senior monk, U Kovida and his trip to west coast of USA to accept the honorary degree from the University of San Francisco to honor the Burmese monks inside Burma.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

How MoeMaKa run with Public Support (2004 - 2007)

How MoeMaKa run with Public Support (2004 - 2007)by Maung YIT • October 9, 2007 •

In 2004, With Public Donation – 10,248.00 and Grant received – 10,000.00, MoeMaKa had established for the main setup of production equipments.

In 2005, With Public Donation – 12,000.00 and Grant received – 22,000.00, MoeMaKa had focused on production works and providing royalty fees to the artists and professionals of Burma.

In 2006, With Public Donation – 48,000 and Grant received – 15,000.00, MoeMaKa had maintained its production works, providing royalty fees and also done extension of monthly publication of newsletter.

In 2007, with Public Donation – 55,000 and Grant received – 20,000.00 in total including ( General Fund – 15,000.00 and Audio Video Archive – 5,000.00), MoeMaKa has established with more volunteer artists, recruited more young journalists inside Burma and expanded its presentation and production on video/ audio program and documentary.

We do not sell commercial or advertising time right now. This is the online / webcast radio station where we share community related and Burmese related news, information and literature for free to all interested audience.


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