Sunday, December 27, 2009

Looking Back 2009 - MoeMaKa

Looking Back 2009 - MoeMaKa
In the year 2009 -

1. We have presented over one thousand of news and articles of the stories of Burmese people and events on our website

2. We published 2 books in Burmese language

a. Collection of Articles Honoring late “Taryar Min Wai” who was one well loved and respected contemporary poet and political activist of 88 generation students in Burma

b. How to prose Burmese Poems for Beginner by late Tin Moe – a rare book by a late contemporary great poet

3. We have a close-up photo coverage on trial of Aung San Suu Kyi by Burmese Regime at Insein Prison in Rangoon, May – August 2009 reported by the Rangoon Local Team and the Thailand Communication Team

4. We have not only published online news but also circulated our daily publication in email newsletter to ten of thousands of subscribers inside Burma where ISP operated by Burmese regime banned media sites run by exile media groups.

We raised 81375.00 US$ from general public donation and 15000.00 US$ from grant received from OSI-Burma Project. We used most of the grant to provide financial and material support to Burmese writers, artists and contributors of inside and out of Burma. The remaining financial resources were used to support the basic operation of MoeMaKa, publication of books and sponsoring / supporting community activity and event for empowering democratic civil society inside Burma.

Monday, August 17, 2009

MoeMaKa Projected Operations (2009 on ward)

MoeMaKa Projected Operations (2009 on ward)

1. Supporting MoeMaKa Reporting Team in Rangoon

Compose of 4 Teams covering different area and issues inside Burma for communication, traveling, rental space and equipment expenses.

2. Supporting MoeMaKa Communication Team in Thailand

Compose of 1 team as to work in operation communication center between Rangoon and US Team and also to co work for web casting and online publication of MoeMaKa web services. for communication, traveling, rental space and equipment expenses.

3. Publication of Books

Publishing of books written by Burmese exile writers, artists and also written by Burmese writers inside Burma banned or censored inside Burma which shall be also provided in e-PDF files to distribute inside Burma through email, CD ROM and USB devices.

We have following Burmese writers and artists in exile as our MoeMaKa advisory and contributors group such as Maung Swan Yi, a poet and critic, Director Win Pe, film director and artist, Mar Mar Aye, singer and artist and Aung Way, poet.

We are expecting to publish at least 3 books to 6 books per year.

4. Production of Multimedia Products

MoeMaKa has committed itself in archiving, recording and collecting oral and visual history from the view and the voice of Burmese contemporary artists, writers and dissidents. It is regularly at least weekly web casting from our website – - MoeMaKa audio & video gallery website.

With the advice and recommendation from our advisory team and also from the team from Rangoon and senior Burmese contributors, we will be doing documentary of such archives

We are expecting to produce at least 12 documentary pieces per year.

5. Royalties, Honorariums and Advisory Fees to Contributors

As we have published daily 3 to 5 articles per day, we have an average of 100 article published monthly online not mentioning relating photos, video and audio archives. While the production and operation costs are kept at minimum, we would like to show our thanks and appreciation to our contributors, artist and writers with some compensation. We will be providing either financial or material present to the writers and contributors.

6. Supporting Creativity, Capacity and Activity of Burmese Journalists, Writers and Artists of new generation

While we are supporting and running the existing operation of MoeMaKa, it is also crucial for us to keep an eye on the new generation of Burmese writers, journalists and artists. MoeMaKa will be finding such persons to support their creativity, capacity and activity to encourage them and also offer them an opportunity to work with MoeMaKa as a training ground. They can be either working with team in Rangoon or Thailand.

7. Translation of MoeMaKa in Burmese into English Project

MoeMaKa is been offering Burmese related news and articles in Burmese language to Burmese audience. As we need to tell the story of Burmese people’s struggle for democracy and freedom to the whole World in English language, we have started our first phase of presenting MoeMaKa in English.

We will be offering translation works and task to Burmese inside and outside Burma who want not only to improve English fluency but also have the interest to make this happen so that the world would be able to see through the reflection of Burmese people itself.


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