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MoeMaKa Report 2006

MoeMaKa Report 2006

Name:             MoeMaKa Radio & Multimedia Group

Subject:          Narative Report 2006

Atten:             OSI Burma Project, All Individual Contributors

Type:              Final

Date:               04/23/07

Table of Content

  1. Looking Back 2006 – Initial steps and Achievements
  2. Plan Ahead Year 2007 – Building up capacity and beyond
  3. Major setback and boundary MoeMaKa facing
  4. MoeMaKa Still Looking Forward

Current Situation

            MoeMaKa has established and maintained as one and only community based station providing Burmese literature and audio/video archives run by Burmese volunteers and professionals among other Burmese Internet portals.

            That is why within the year 2006, MoeMaKa has reached 1,600 subscriptions of its online free newsletter service. It is now reaching a bandwidth of 80 GB a month from 8000 over unique Internet service provider (ISP) servers. Despite blocking from the Burmese military regime's Internet censorship authority, we can see increasing numbers of Burmese Internet users from inside Burma visiting MoeMaKa through free proxy servers too. And after launching monthly newsletter publication, it has growing number of print subscription up to 500 orders.

            It is not only running with the individual volunteers but also with groups and organization from different location across the globe as to prove the positive effort of the strong networking function of MoeMaKa's teamwork.

How's self-funding used and affected for MoeMaKa

With self-funding, we are doing our basic services operational in the year 2006. They are itemized as follows;

1.      Bi-Weekly Radio Program Production
2.      Daily Online Publication and Updates (electronic news & literary journal)
3.      Archiving and Cataloging of digital and multimedia materials (books, CD, periodicals) for Online Library
4.      Presenting, Shipping and Posting of materials distributed from Online Catalog Ordering System
5.      General Office and Communication Cost (Internet, phone, periodicals, books, CDs, DVDs, hardware and software upgrades, postal charge and such general expenses.)
6.      Monthly Newsletter Publication (both PDF free download and subscription based print version)
7.      Awarding royalty fees to 10 writers who are mostly elderly and in need of health and medical care. (US $ 1000.00)

Production Highlights

We have produced and distributed following audio CD/DVD programs.

"Aung San Suu Kyi – Letter from Burma", the representation of    articles by Daw Aung San Suu Kyi in audio CDs read and compiled by MoeMaKa's radio team.

"Khaing Mar Kyaw Zaw – Budding Flowers on the Borders", the representation of    articles by Khaing Mar Kyaw Zaw on the lives of displaced children at the Thai-Burma border in audio CDs read and compiled by MoeMaKa's radio team.
"Ludu Daw Ahmar – The Lives of Burmese in Upper Burma", the representation of    articles by Ludu Daw Ahmar on the rich and well-kept tradition of Burmese everyday life in audio CDs read and compiled by MoeMaKa's radio team.
"Zarganar - Four Fruits and The Colorful Burmese Anyeint", the DVD on the Burmese traditional and cultural show which was banned together with Zarganar, a well-known  Burmese artist and comedian who openly criticized the ruling military junta.

            Presentation Highlights        

We have reached significant recognition among the Burmese media professionals, Burmese artists and audience and following is the list that we considered ourselves some milestones;

MoeMaKa's Special Edition (Presentation) on Daw Aung San Suu Kyi's 61th Birthday (19th June 2006)

MoeMaKa's Special Edition (Presentation) on 18th Anniversary of 8888 Burmese Democracy Uprising (8th August 2006)

MoeMaka's Special Edition (Presentation) on 91th birthday of Ludu Daw AhMar – Burmese literary icon representing freedom of expression and struggle for democracy in Burma (29th Nov 2006)

MoeMaKa in-house serials programs and articles by following Burmese artists in exile such as Tin Moe, Maung Swan Yi, Mar Mar Aye, Po Than (Ludu), Kye Mon U Thaung and Win Pe.

MoeMaKa's regular programs and articles on contemporary issues of Burma written by some artists and writers who are still inside Burma with hidden pen names ( It is considered most significant because MoeMaKa became trusted and credible by the Burmese audience and also by the artists and writers who are under the heavy censorship of military junta)

MoeMaKa's Special Program -  Letters from the Readers – which is sorely contributed by the Burmese audience inside Burma and overseas, expressing of their opinions and thoughts.

Grants Received

MoeMaKa has received the grant approval from OSI-Burma Project of 15,000 US$ for general fund and 5,000.00 for audio/video archive Separate Project. We do not receive further fund/grant from Prince Claus Fund, which we have expected 10,000 US$. However we still can manage to run our operation and production with the contribution from volunteer team members and from the Burmese community.

How grants used for MoeMaKa for the year 2006
1.      We have decided to maintain our basic operation within our budget managed from our own self-funding for this year 2006.

2.      Awarding advisory fees to our advisors and contributors. (US $ 5500.00)

3.      Providing material support for distributing 3 audio CDs mentioned above. (US $ 3000.00)

4.      Providing equipment storage and studio space rental. (US $ 4800.00)

5.      Purchasing 2 Notebook PCs and Upgrades. (US $ 1700.00)

6.      Traveling and Equipment Purchases related to Audio/Video Archive Separate Project. (US S 5000.00)

How the sponsorship of the granters be credited

1.      All the Granter's representing link are now displayed at the front page of our MoeMaKa website as "Friends of MoeMaKa".
2.      At least 10 copies of publication and production materials will be sent to all Granters' organization address and if possible, more copies could be able to obtain upon request.
3.      All the materials produced from MoeMaKa with the fund from granters shall be copy right free to all the Granters i.e they are free to present or represent in their works or reports or publications.

Other Achievements

Other Departments supporting MoeMaKa's main operation have done following tasks;

Online Catalog Ordering System Present and help distribute 100 over books, audio and video products. Almost 50% of the catalogs offer free download or free distribution.

Online Library List and archive most of all the books, digital materials and references purchased with MoeMaKa's fund and it is now reaching almost 1000 records.

IT/IS Team – Setup and maintain daily operation of web hosting and content updating and also provide the back-end electronic documentation of MoeMaKa's operation with – Provide hosting service to the following websites for the Burmese community; (Assistance Association for Political Prisoners – Burma), (Myanmar Burmese Web Directory and Magazine Digest), (Myanmar Business and Community Directory) and (Palaung Women Organization based in Thai-Burma border)

Production & Publication Team has coordinated works with other media group to share resources and assist on each other operation when requested such as – BIT Team (India) (Burmese Information Technology Team) on Burmese font and Burmese content archival support, - Radio Lovers Group (Australia) on sharing radio and audio program for weekly radio presentation.

In October 2006, MoeMaKa team had managed to host 3rd Year Anniversary Mate Son Pwe (Gathering/Reunion) and Workshop with all interested advisors, team members, writers and audience from inside and outside Burma. We have established better understanding and interrelationship with the team members, contributors and audience.

Due to financial difficulty, some team members left MoeMaKa voluntarily letting other committed volunteer to step in to run the operation. However we have more recruitment of volunteers in the team, advisors and contributors.
The departed team members –
            Aung Din (Director)
            Khun Myo Nge (Officer, Production)
The existing team members –
Maung Yit (Director, IT/IS, Editors, Production, Operation)
Htain Linn (Officer, Editors, Production)
Zarny Win (Officer, Editors)
Chan Myay Ain (Officer, Operation)
                        The newly added team members –
Maung Maung Oo (Production)
Ottara Moon (Operation)
                        The existing advisors –
                                    Tin Moe (Poet in Exile)
                                    Maung Swan Yi (Critic in Exile)
                                    Mar Mar Aye (Artiste in Exile)
                                    Win Pe (Film Director, Writer and Artist in Exile)
                        Total Number of Contributors (Artist, Professionals and Donors)
                                    50 persons (estimate)

2.   Plan Ahead Year 2007 – Building up capacity and beyond

We are also planning to prepare and present "MoeMaKa in English" as MoeMaKa is to gain more audience not only with Burmese speakers but also with non-Burmese speakers to raise more awareness on building democratic civil society in Burma.

We have estimated self-funding and general fund of US$ 50,000.00 to run our basic day to day operation of MoeMaKa.

We have plan to setup new server and site design running with UTF-8 compliance web code which will house both English and Burmese character content in single web application. It will enable the Burmese audience inside Burma to browse our website seamlessly without any band width or technical delay.

As we have provided more detailed explanation in separate "Audio/ Visual Archive Project", our advisors, U Win Pe and Maung Swan Yi will be leading the project to collect more in-depth interview with senior Burmese intellectuals and artists abroad.

3.  Major setback and boundary MoeMaKa facing

1.      Up until now, MoeMaKa could not still be able to compensate the volunteer staffs for their valuable time and service. We still could not even employ a part time staff yet. Still, we have encouraged and requested them to continue their volunteer service and fund contribution to make our operation running so that the grant money could be able to spend on the more production of our works and on the royalty fees to the more needy Burmese writers and artists.

2.      In the long run, we have to prove that we can raise more funds from donor organizations to expand our operation, services and facility. We have to come up with more organized documentation and management order.

4.  MoeMaKa Still Looking Forward

We are deeply appreciated and obliged for the grant received. We would like to commit ourselves on making of MoeMaKa as a practical ground for building democratic civil society for the near future of Burma. We also would like to welcome more volunteers and support to make this institution a success as an example of Burmese communities inside and outside Burma to be more willing and daring to contribute towards democratic struggle of Burma independently.

Best Regards

Maung Maung Win
(Maung Yit)
On behalf of MoeMaKa Team
PO Bx 320207, San Francisco, CA 94132-0207, US. Phone – 415-595-1485


Financial Report (Overall Cost and Expenses)
The List of MoeMaKa Award to 10 senior Burmese Writers inside Burma
MoeMaKa 3 Years Anniversary – Reunion Event & Workshop - Report

Monday, December 11, 2006

MoeMaKa 2006 People Award

MoeMaKa 2006 People Award

Dated – December 2006

MoeMaKa has decided to award Burmese writers/Activist under tight living condition but still standing tall for their conscious.
            They are:

1. U Win Tin
Political Prisoner since 1989. Prominent journalist and Executive Member of NLD, leading opposition political party in Burma. Since his arrest on 4 July 1989, U Win Tin, who is serving a 20-year sentence on charges including "anti-government propaganda", has been deprived of his basic rights, including proper medical treatment and being able to write.

2. U Thar Bann
A lawyer and former staff member of the government paper Kyemon (The Mirror), he has spent 12 of the past 14 years in jail.. He was imprisoned from 1990 to 1995 for his involvement in the United Nationalities’ League for Democracy (UNLD), which is linked to the opposition National League for Democracy

3. Monywa Aung Shin
Burmese Editor & Poet, Political Position: Member of NLD, Sagaing Division branch.

4. Ludu Sein Win
A prominent educator, political commentator, and longtime critic of the junta

5. Maung Thit Lwin Ludu
Journalist and longtime critic of the junta

6. Myanmar Alin Than Nyunt
Journalist and longtime critic of the junta

7. Ma Yi Wai
Longtime critic of the junta, her husband passed away as political prisoner

8. Daw Mya Yi
Longtime critic of the junta, her husband passed away as political prisoner

9. Ko Aung Pwint
Journalist and former political prisoner

10. Nann Nyunt Swe, Kyi Oo and Zarganar Family
Writers and Artists Family where the whole family stands as longtime critic of the junta and most of their works are banned and censored.

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MoeMaKa 3 Years Anniversary (2006) - Reunion Event and Workshop Report

MoeMaKa 3 Years Anniversary - Reunion Event and Workshop Report

Maung Yit  (Maung Maung Win)

On Behalf of MoeMaKa Team

The Reasons Behind

MoeMaKa Radio & Multimedia, volunteer news group run by Burmese media people in exile was first launched back in April 2003. Stating as an internet radio web-cast station, it has its momentum by establishing and extending services in online news publication, online media catalog order and monthly print-newsletter.
It has at least one thousand over email subscribers for its news and activity updates. It is not only encouraging the readers in Burmese language but also Burmese writers inside and outside Burma to share their experience and their feeling.
In Burma, as the military junta is blocking and controlling freedom of expression and the press, MoeMaKa has tried its best to serve as a place to practice freedom of expression and the press for the Burmese readers and the writers.
While the Burmese literary icon in exile such as Tin Moe and Maung Swan Yi are providing all their moral support, the Burmese audience gradually accepts MoeMaKa as a trust worthy and transparent news source on Burma and its literature.
This is the first time ever after over 3 years of establishment of MoeMaKa when all the founders, editors, writers, volunteer-staffs and the audience come from every corner of the world to meet face to face and to talk, review and do open discussion for the future well-being of MoeMaKa Radio and Mutimedia.

The Attendees High Lights

The Advisors – Tin Moe, Maung Swan Yi
The Guest Writers and Intellects – Moe Hein, Salai Tun Than, Ye Naing Moe, Zaw Zaw
The Editors – Maung Yit, Htain Linn, Zarny Win
The Volunteer Staffs – Ko Oo,Chan Myay Ain, Ottara Moon
The Contributor-Writers – Moe Cho Thin, Hayman Thazin, Decem Moe, May Hninn Le Mon
And The Audience

The Records High Lights

(1)   The Oral History of the advisors and the guest writers on their life, the contemporary experience and the struggle for the freedom of expression and the press.
(2)   The Open Discussion and Workshop of the MoeMaKa Team on the operation and the plan and the capacity of MoeMaKa in the past, present and the future.
(3)   The Opinion and The Suggestion from the audience.

The Event – Brief Facts

  1. MoeMaKa Reunion Event and Workshop was held from 4th to 15th October 2006.
  2. Total Attended Guests were 30.
  3. Accommodation took place at (1) 2 Editors' Residences (2) SFSU Guest House (3) Good Nite Inn at Fremont (4) Metta Nanda Vihara Monastery at Fremont.
  4. For Boarding Service, credit went to Khaing Khaing Nyunt and her family.
  5. For Digital Photo Recording Service, credit went to Ko Ko Photo.
  6. The Guest related accommodation, transportation, information and reception services were provided by all MoeMaKa Team and Volunteers.
  7. At the reception, we entertain the guest with mini-book stall, show-casing some rare books published back in Burma and handing out free newsletter of MoeMaKa October edition.
  8. The Guest-Book had recorded all the messages wrote by the attendees and also from the audience and the writers who could not attend but send their greetings.

The Network High Lights

This the first time that MoeMaKa formally contacted the institution, organizations and the persons concerned interested in Burmese issues.

(1)   Iowa Writers Program, University of Iowa. We have invited their guest writer – U Moe Hein from Burma. We also invited the director of the program but only U Moe Hein could only managed to attend the event.
(2)   International Visiting Scholars' Program, UC Berkeley. We have invited their visiting scholar – Ye Naing Moe from Burma. He could not attend the event but he had managed to attend the pre-event workshop and open-discussion with MoeMaKa.
(3)   Burma Project, Open Society Institute, New York. We have invited Zaw Zaw, a coordinator of Burma Project (our committed donor) and also an advisor to our fellow technical assistance team to us – Burma IT from India. He could not stay until to the reunion event but joined with us in the pre-event workshop and open-discussion.
(4)   South East Asian Study Center, Northern Illinois University. We have invited Burmese scholar, U Saw Tun but due to very short notice, he could not manage it.
(5)   Burmese American Democratic Alliance, San Francisco. We have invited its general secretary, Ko Nyunt Than to attend the ceremony.
(6)   Burmese Students Association, UC Berkeley. We have invited active member and representative, Ko Zin Minn Tun to attend the ceremony.
(7)   Burmese Buddhist Monks presiding in the bay area around San Francisco. MoeMaKa requested the permission of monks from Metta Nanda Vihara Monastery, Fremont to let us hold the ceremony at their monastery. With their blessing and participation, the event became possible.

The High Lighted Notes from Open-Discussions
The Title
The Description
Burma Project & MoeMaKa
To get continuous support from Burma Project. To assist in small and medium projects inside/outside Burma done by Burma Project. To have more discussion in expansion of MoeMaKa's operation.
Zaw Zaw
BIT & MoeMaKa
To help build Burmese/English internet web pages. To assist in technical support for MoeMaKa. To help prepare Burmese articles, e-books and archives.
Zaw Zaw
MoeMaKa in English
To extend the non-Burmese audience by sharing and presenting the articles by Burmese authors in English translation.
Maung Yit, Zarny Win
MoeMaKa & Inside Burma
After having open discussion with the guest writers visiting from Burma, MoeMaKa will have to take a broader role to present more articles and books by Burmese authors inside Burma which are banned by the regime and at the same time, the reasonable royalty has to be arranged.
To build more e-books and e-archives of books and articles which are now banned in Burma.
Guest Writers
MoeMaKa E-Archives
According to open-discussion, MoeMaKa has to be more focus to build a virtual and physical arrangement to archives books and literatures.
Maung Swan Yi
Maung Swan Yi, MoeMaKa, BIT
The capacity of MoeMaKa
To be more efficient, effective and compact in running the whole operation of MoeMaKa, it has to be practical and discreet in taking jobs and responsibility. If things are not possible, admit it and do only things that are affordable to MoeMaKa because Moemaka is mostly running from the fund, knowledge and capacity coming only from the committed volunteer intellects.
Tin Moe
The Management
According as the ceremony goes, MoeMaKa has very limited man power and resources to manage the operation. If we can have committed manager to oversee the routines and procedure, it would be better.
Zarny Win
Burmese Language Usage
Online Publication of MoeMaKa, it has variety of topics and categories to organize the articles and writers according to the issues and the interest of the readers. But if we stick with simpler topic name and straight forward Burmese language usage, the audience will not be confused while browsing site.
Maung Swan Yi
Fund Raising
To take more seriously in doing paper works and book keeping making it more official non-profit organization. To raise such awareness to the audience to seek their assistance and help.
MoeMaKa Newsletter in Print
After launching the MoeMaKa Monthly Newsletter in Print, it has gained significant amount of impact to the audience. The e-Newletter in PDF reached the audience inside Burma and the Print reached more to non-internet audience outside Burma. We have to make freer newsletter contribution to some location where Burmese people are used to gather such as Dentist, Monastery and Mom & Pop Stores.
Tin Moe
To Accept Ad
As MoeMaKa seems to be regarded as opposition news media, many Burmese community and business related person and companies are found to be reluctant to place the ad on MoeMaKa publications. MoeMaKa is only asking 300 US$ for the whole year to place an ad on both online and monthly newsletter. If we continue to ask more support from the audience, we might be getting ad-placement from the community. Reading an ad is also fun because it provide regional information and some personal datas.
Tin Moe
To Serve as Publication Service Provider to outside customers with reasonable fees
There's a need of the place where you can have one stop service for books or articles typing, compilation, layout/design and production. If MoeMaKa can provide such service, it can be served as one of fund-raising work. We have to estimate the service charge for preparing a book, it may be 300 to 500 US$ no printing included.
MoeMaKa, Ko Oo
MoeMaKa Online Library
As we already have the habit of buying, collecting and sharing books among the team members of MoeMaKa, if we were to come up with the list of books and archives that we have and post online as Online Library Service, it will be a good reference place for other institution and persons alike.
Zaw Zaw, Maung Swan Yi, MoeMaKa
MoeMaKa Online Catalog (Online Shop)
To be able to serve as on stop location to find and purchase the multimedia produced by the Burmese opposition media groups, MoeMaKa is offering "Online Catalog Order System" – Online Shop.  It is getting it popularity and also it is offering free e-PDF downloads by some media groups' periodicals. We are also planning to post some collectible books and publications from inside Burma
Ottara Moon
MoeMaKa Oral History Week
Most of the conversation and talk by our advisors and our guest-writers are recorded as their reflections of their lives, experience and the struggle for the freedom of expression and the press. It will be organized and edited by MoeMaKa team to present it online or on the internet radio.
MoeMaKa Daily News Updates
MoeMaKa does daily article update at least with one article. But we still could not do the daily Burmese news updates like other news group. If we can have more volunteer news-writer and tech-support people, it could be arranged
History and Research Section
We already have editors on policy, technology, literature and current-issues. The audience is in demand on history, term-paper and research. We can present articles on historical facts and biography of people normally banned inside Burma. If Maung Swan Yi could oversee the task, it would be great.
Maung Swan Yi
MoeMaKa Award
To promote the movement and the struggle of press freedom in Burma and the local Burmese people who are committing into it through their lives and raise the awareness of the struggle towards the audience and to get the public participation onto it, MoeMaKa is thinking of giving a yearly award to such Burmese people.
Zarny Win
MoeMaKa Guests of Honor
Salai Tun Than – Independent and individual intellect activist raising human rights issue in Burma.
Family of Zarganar – famous artist and comedian of Burma recently banned from public performance due to his constant criticism towards the junta.
The Monks residing at the Burmese monastery in the bay area of San Francisco – without their support and the willingness to let us use their place, MoeMaKa event should not have been possible.
The attended Buemese guests from all walks of life – it is remarkable for MoeMaKa to see their interest and enthusiasm to come out and be present at this Reunion event.
The Guest
Next Year Event
It is the first ever showcase of MoeMaKa to show its readiness and capacity to work, to coordinate and to participate with any organization, institution and individuals interested in freedom of press issues of Burma and Burmese People. MoeMaKa is ready and willing to welcome and to be welcomed to and from the institutions and the individual who has the similar goal and policy as MoeMaKa. May be in next year, MoeMaKa might host the cultural and traditional music festival if the faith and situation permit.
MoeMaKa 3 Years Anniversary Event  - Guest Book
We are going to publish both online and print special newsletter featuring of the photos, auto-graphs and articles by the guest-writers.
MoeMaKa, Ko Oo
The Event Souvenir
The Reunion Event Logo will be used as a print out on the coffee mug and will be sent out to all the volunteer workers and attend guest-writers.


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