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Charity and Award Raised by MoeMaKa with Burmese Community (2012)

Charity and Award Raised by MoeMaKa with Burmese Community (2012)

1. Burmese Helping Burmese Fund – This is to support and help Burmese artists and activists inside Burma who are socially and politically at the disadvantage due to the suppression and repression of the Burmese junta. For the year 2010, we have raised and donated total of US $31176.88.

2. Support Network for political prisoners run by NLD – This is to morally and financially support Burmese political prisoners and families in need. The support network is setup and operated by NLD's social support group. Friends of MoeMaKa is raising fund to support 50 political prisoners with the monthly contribution of about US$ 600.00.

3. Friends of MoeMaKa Annual Award – This is to recognize and appreciate democracy and human rights activists and individuals for their outstanding contribution and sacrifice for the country. We have raised US $1000.00 towards 600 political prisoners listed in the NLD support network for the year 2011 Award. We have raised and awarded US $500.00 each to the following individuals for the year 2010. U Win Pe, Maung Swan Yi, Mar Mar Aye and Maung Thara were awarded for their literary and art works while they are in exile.

Online Articles, e-Book and Publication for Year 2011 - 2012

Online Articles, e-Book and Publication for Year 2011/2012

1. Total estimated numbers of articles published online on website – average 5 articles per day, 35 articles per week, 140 articles per month, 1680 articles per year

2. Total estimated numbers of daily email newsletters delivered through email subscribers – 1 newsletter per day, 7 newsletter per week, 30 newsletter per month, 360 newsletters per year

3. Suu 66 – e-Book – June 2011 - Collection of Articles honoring 66th Birthday of Aung Sann Suu Kyi after her release from house arrest

4. Portraits of Suu from Burmese Student Activist by Maung Maung One – e-Book – June 2011 - Collection of articles written by former political prisoner and 88 generation student activist, his reflection and perspective on Suu back in the day of democracy struggle in 1990s.

5. MoeMaKa Interview with U Win Tin – e-Book – August 2010 – Collection of interviews with U Win Tin on his experience and opinion on Struggle of NLD in Burma, boycott movement on Regime's 2010 Election and current Burma issues.

6. Portraits of Burmese artists and intellects in Burmese democracy uprising by Aung Way – e-Book – May 2010 – Collection of radio articles presented on Radio Free Asia Burmese Program presented by exile-poet, Aung Way.

7. Literature Paper on Burmese Poems by Tin Moe – e-Book – February 2010 – Paper written by (Tin Moe), Burmese poet in exile which he submitted to Literary Conference at NIU in 2002 in Burmese language.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

2012 - MoeMaKa Operation Itemized

2012 - MoeMaKa Operation Itemized

1. Weekly Internet Radio Programs (MoeMaKa Radio)

2. Daily Online News and Articles Publication and Updates (MoeMaKa.Com)

3. Web-Casting of weekly Video News and Archives (MoeMaKa.Net)

4. Weekly Online Publication of news and articles in English (MoeMaKa.Org)

5. Archiving and cataloging of digital and multimedia materials (books, CD, periodicals) for Online Library (MoeMaKa.Net)

6. Presenting, Shipping and Posting of materials distributed from Online Catalog Ordering System (MoeMaKa Shop)

7. General Office and Communication (Internet, phone, periodicals, books, CDs, DVDs, hardware and software upgrades, postal charge and such general expenses.)

8. Daily Email Newsletter Publication (PDF free download, subscription based print version or email online newsletter) – collection of daily Burmese news from sources outside and inside Burma including MoeMaKa, other exile news medias, and radio programs.

9. Burmese Helping Burmese, Fund Raising and Charity Drive to help Burmese artists and activists inside Burma, who are socially and politically at the disadvantage by the suppression and repression of the Burmese junta, and to raise awareness and moral support towards the democratic civil society of Burma

10. Empowering community inside and outside Burma, encouraging Burmese people to participate in democratic civil society activities such as Burmese literary talk, Burmese Community Discussion, and Burmese Cultural Performances

11. Charity Drive to assist Political Prisoners social support network run by NLD, Burmese opposition party led by Aung San Suu Kyi, U Tin Oo and U Win Tin


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