Sunday, March 14, 2004

The Day To Day Activities of MoeMaKa

The Day To Day Activities of MoeMaKa
by Maung YIT • October 8, 2004 •

– Daily News and Articles Publication Online on our main website –

– Weekly Radio Program Presentation (webcasting) on our main website –

– Data, Information, Media collection, archiving, cataloging and research on Burma & Burmese Community related issues, news & literature

– Publication of Books, Online Media & Multimedia on Burma, Burmese literature and Burmese Community living abroad including in the bay area.

– Supporting and Organizing Burmese Literary Talks, Burmese Language Speaking and Reading Eventsfor the Burmese community at the bay area.

– Providing and Assisting educational, technical and art / language related materials, training and consultancy to Burmese and non-Burmese interested in Burmese issues at the bay area and beyond.


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